Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Black Dress Follow-Up

I finally got a chance to wear that little black dress I showed you guys the other day. The wedding was a blast because I was surrounded by hilarious people who had extremely good sense of humor and I couldnt stop laughing .... or it was because we drank up two bottles of Martell !!! That's too huh ?!

Here some pics for your enjoyment ... I didnt have any jewelry on since the shoes and the dress had enough sparkles for the outfit ... a little note, I didnt wear the strappy shoes as planned, bummer I forgot to take picture for the whole outfit ... I wore this instead ...

.... and here are the pics ....

The classic in front of the reception at most Vietnamese wedding

My gal - Mimi the Bride - Andy the Groom - Me

The group of people I hang with at the table .... here are just about 2/3 of the members ... we called our group " Angelic Times" for the carefree and fun time we spent with each other in all our outdoor activities ...

My gal and Me

That's it :)

:) Until next time :)


Monday, February 9, 2009

Little Black Dress (part 1)

I have been looking for my one and only perfect little black dress ... the one that I would be able to put on after hours of browsing my expanding closet and realizing that I need to do more shopping ... ha ha, who wouldnt ?! Then, last weekend, I stumbled into this lil beauty at my fav store ... Loehmann's.

It's a David Meister dress. I didnt really know who he is until I did my lil search and found these ...
Viola Davis in a bright yellow David Meister gown

15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Diane Lane "dazzled in her bright red David Meister gown"

15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Tina Fey in a David original gown

... and here is Jennifer Hudson


... Sharon Stone ...


.... and me ... in David Meister !

.... and in a playful teen-y way ...

Please excuse my hair since I was too excited about the dress ... I forgot about everything else ... :">

I love the neckline ... the jeweled waistline that gives the dress the luxurious touch ... the drape at the front and back that makes me feel Greek-y and and lil princess-y ... and of course I have to pair this dress with my beloved strappy shoes ...



Sunday, January 18, 2009

StEaL (part three )

During one of many random out-of-the-blue visits of mine to Loehmann's, I found myself .... more shoes even though at the moment, I really have no space whatsoever for my shoes ... Suddenly, I remember what Carrie said, instead of a ring, give me a closet for my shoes and I will say "Yes!" ... I thought, I will too !!!, given the condition I am currently in ... hix !

Okay, it s time to show off the result eh ? Since all of the things I got were on clearance at Loehmann's, I got the extra 50% off the red tag price.

1/ Guess by Marciano Carrie Gold Leather Pumps: somewhere in the States, $44.95 to $89.95, mine for 17 bucks ....

Guess Carrie Gold Leather Very Sexy High Heel Pumps Women's Shoes

Have been looking for a pair like this for a long time .... and finally, God has answered my wish, he he ...

2/ Steve Madden Maddiee in Metal ... for only 22 dollars ... Will take and update pics later ... have a look at the other colors for now :)


Black Patent

I bet if you guys watched Sex and The City the movie closely enough, you would recognize that the shoes above are the exact imitation of the Dior Extreme Cutout Shoes that Carrie wore in the movie ... and yes, I finally decided to get my hands on them !

With the shoes, I also got two Hale Bob tops. Sexy cut and vibrant color ... very Hale Bob ...

One of them is the V Neck Tunic in deep purple.


Phew ... ! What a day !


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

StEaL (part deux)

I have been loving - ha ha - the colorful version of Betsy Johnson for a long time, from her shoes to her clothes and of course bags. Yet, I m dreadful with the thought of even trying on her stuffs because they are too feminine for me to be myself in them ...

Until I saw this ....

Somewhere else on the States, this is still sold with a $365 price tag, mine from my local Loehmann's store for a little shy from 100 bucks .... S.C.O.R.E :)

The leather is so soft and shiny. The "Betsy Johnson" logo is artsy and cute. The zipper details rocks the look and of course the fringe, what more could I say, "I love fringe" !

So many things to love in a pretty little thing :)


Hello 2009

Hi y'all,

I admit it has been crazy to me since the last time I blogged here. I felt like I was lifted up and thrown down by a whirlwind and now I am trying to find my balance ... so, in the mean time, enjoy some updated pics I took of myself before a Christmas - Christmas ???! Yup, I know, it s like 100 years ago right ? - party ...
Click more for details ...

Which one do you guys like better ?
1/ Hair up


or 2/ Hair down


Top: Forever 21, belt: Oscar De La Renta, jeans: Rock and Republic

I fell in love with the jeans the very first time I saw it. It may be the studs, or the style, or the brand's famous edginess or all of them. Gotta have it!

Oh, by the way people, I got new hair over the break. I have a love-hate relationship with my hair.

Love: it softens my facial features and adds femininity to, of course, "me".

Hate: I have to add "applying pomade" to my morning routine before getting out of the house, which adds at least 5 more minutes to my very quick morning ritual. And sometimes even the pomade couldnt work its magic, I have to go out with bobby pin on my head !!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr !

Oh, I forgot the shoes, didnt I ? Hmmm, since the jeans are slimming and quite tight at the bottom, I wore Sam Edelman Whiteley Brown Snakeskin with it ...

Sam Edelman Women's Whitely Boot

Someone told me, Forever 21 stuffs look cheap and not good in quality. I think, "YOU wear the clothes, so ... what do you think ? "