Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rock and Republic

Hi guys, sorry, it s been a long time since the last time I blogged here. I would feel a lot more guilty if I don't share this with you guys so click more for details ...

There was a Denim Warehouse Sales in Hollywood at the Sony Studios a couple of weeks back. They only had one brand though which is Rock and Republic. My friend is a faithful fan of RnR but I m new to the brand so this is more like an exploration to me. The jeans are 80 for reg. and 100 for embellished ones, which are more than 50% off the regular tag. The jackets in other words could be any where from 60 bucks to all the way to 200 dollars.

I found out, after trying on tons of jeans, RnR is not the brand for me because my butt looks horribly flat in them. I love my butt to be full and round as y'all know - wink -

Okay, enough said and here are my get's

Rock and Republic Valory Jacket, sale price for 80 dollars whereas the original tag was a whooping $475.

I always have a thing for military stuffs ... ooooooooooooooh, sooooooooooo sexy ! Just randomly pick this one out of a rack full of t-shirts. Didnt expect to find it and it seemed that it s the only - last one there. Picked it up and left with it was my wise desicion ... Love it every day ! This is how it look on me ... sorry, just throw them on for the pics so I didnt have the proper accesories :)

jacket.jpg picture by vivivava

CIMG1269.jpg picture by vivivava

The second one I got was this one ... very biker chick kinda thing which is something edgy that I would definitely wear ... :) The price tag was 60 bucks. Love the details, dont you ?

Van_5.jpg picture by vivivava

As you could see, there are 4 rows of zippers on the shoulder.

Van_4-1.jpg picture by vivivava

That's it for today people. Im out for the kids :).

Heels, Bebe. Jeans, Chip and Pepper. Cami, A&F.

Bonus: Me in my work clothes, conservative enough, you think ?

CIMG1257.jpg picture by vivivava

Oh, Happy Turkey Day y'all !


Dao said...

Nice! Happy Turkey Day to you too!

Those shoes rock, love 'em! Keep up the good work, girl!

Bella said...

Phew, I'm in love with both these looks! And those heels... damn those are hot!

VannaV said...

Thanks Ladies for being super fast :) I love the heels too ... got it thanks to my friend since at that time, Bebe already sold out this style on in store and online. She got it for me less than half the original price .... Thriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll! :)

Giaochi said...

last skirt is rocking hot on you!