Thursday, November 6, 2008


Ehe`m ... I know ... shoes again :)

Well, it all started as a short walk before work in Marshall - a perfect place for a shopportunistist like myself.... Winter is fast coming and I think I need a pair of knee length kinda boots. Before I could even think of anything, I spotted the beautiful suede fabric on the top of the shoe shelf. I have a thing for suede. Okay, I LOVE suede, the feel, the color, the smell, everything .... and boy, once I pulled that fabric down, I was hooked.
It s perfect for winter. It s heely but not too high and very sturdy though. It s Isaac Mirazhi. A little steep for a pair of boots, I know, but given the fact that it was so well-made and it came from Italy, my heart already melt for this beauty !

Here it is .... Isaac Mizrahi Women's Rooney Boot

Isaac Mizrahi Women's Rooney Boot

Mine is in a lighter tan than this. It went perfectly with my Coach Bleeker bag that I got from the same Marshall for ....- drums roll - 80 bucks ..... Yup, the original tag for this beauty is 300 dollars when it first came out.



Needless to say, I love the leather smell of both items ... sorry animals but I am truly a leather lover ...


Dao said...

Cute boots and bag! How on earth did you get such a good deal? I went to Marshall a couple of days ago but did not see anything significant.

VannaV said...

Thanks nho .. I guess because there are a lot of Asians around ... hence more stuffs because Asians are known to be frequent shoppers ah ? :)

Bella said...

Gorgeous boots... such great finds!!!

VannaV said...

To Bella: Thanks for stopping by Bella. I love your style so much, bummer that I m not so much a DIY kinda person :)

Again ... welcome welcome :)

Giaochi said...

hahah retail therapy!

VannaV said...

Dzu dzi thia ?

Giaochi said...

sao ma close blog dzay cung?