Sunday, January 18, 2009

StEaL (part three )

During one of many random out-of-the-blue visits of mine to Loehmann's, I found myself .... more shoes even though at the moment, I really have no space whatsoever for my shoes ... Suddenly, I remember what Carrie said, instead of a ring, give me a closet for my shoes and I will say "Yes!" ... I thought, I will too !!!, given the condition I am currently in ... hix !

Okay, it s time to show off the result eh ? Since all of the things I got were on clearance at Loehmann's, I got the extra 50% off the red tag price.

1/ Guess by Marciano Carrie Gold Leather Pumps: somewhere in the States, $44.95 to $89.95, mine for 17 bucks ....

Guess Carrie Gold Leather Very Sexy High Heel Pumps Women's Shoes

Have been looking for a pair like this for a long time .... and finally, God has answered my wish, he he ...

2/ Steve Madden Maddiee in Metal ... for only 22 dollars ... Will take and update pics later ... have a look at the other colors for now :)


Black Patent

I bet if you guys watched Sex and The City the movie closely enough, you would recognize that the shoes above are the exact imitation of the Dior Extreme Cutout Shoes that Carrie wore in the movie ... and yes, I finally decided to get my hands on them !

With the shoes, I also got two Hale Bob tops. Sexy cut and vibrant color ... very Hale Bob ...

One of them is the V Neck Tunic in deep purple.

Phew ... ! What a day !


Dao said...

Wow, nice shoes! Shoes are shoes, I got a pair of Louboutin Bruges lookalike for really cheap. There's no need to buy extremely expensive shoes if the others are as nice.

VannaV said...

Yup yup ... plus Steve Madden is a pretty good brand toooooooo :)